Paradigm ShiftShadow Box, encaustic paintingWink and a Nod, encaustic paintingSomething Between Us, encaustic paintingAnxietyRain Comes websiteMidday Midnight, encaustic paintingThe Lonely PoppySun Shower, encaustic paintingWaiting for the Sun, encaustic paintingPoppies, encaustic paintingFallow No More, encausticFount of Love, encaustic paintingEbb Tide, encaustic paintingThe Rain Begins, encaustic paintingSaddleback Ridge, encaustic paintingGolden Path, encaustic paintingAl's Contribution, encaustic paintingRoad to Antelope, encaustic paintingUnneeded, encaustic paintingFall Light, basalt sculptureHold Me, copper sculptureDancer, marble sculptureDancer, marble sculptureOverwhelmed, encaustic paintingPurple Haze, encaustic paintingLast Flight, encaustic paintingCascade Sunset, oil paintingAir Power, oil paintingRoaming the Palouse, oil paintingNorth Bank, oil paintingCypress, oil paintingMorning Sky, encaustic paintingTwilight Twister, encaustic paintingSun and Surf, encaustic paintingPurple Sky, encaustic paintingDaylight Moon, encaustic paintingSmall Sun, encaustic paintingAlkali Lake, encaustic paintingHeaven's Glow, encaustic paintingEmergence, encaustic paintingAlien Garden, encaustic paintingBrainscape, encaustic paintingThe Stain of Old Flame, encaustic paintingI remember. There were trees. Encaustic painting.Broken Back encaustic paintingDay at Del Rey, encaustic paintingDead Flowers, encaustic paintingRevelation, encaustic paintingHappy Veneer, encaustic paintingWounds of the Day, encaustic paintingThe Last TimeYou Left, encaustic paintingXscape, encaustic paintingGorge Sunset, encaustic paintingEncroaching Nimbus, encaustic paintingLost in the Palouse, encaustic paintingRemember to Floss, encaustic paintingWhen You Left, encaustic paintingHeroin Tech, encaustic paintingFirst CutLady in RedRainy Day, encaustic paintingFade In Memory, encaustic paintingDodging Platitudes, encaustic paintingBut You Did it Anyway, encaustic paintingComing Apart, encaustic paintingBalanced Thought, encaustic paintingWillow, encaustic paintingValley Wind, encaustic paintingTwilight, encaustic paintingTogether Alone, encaustic paintingThe Triumverate, encaustic paintingThe Erosion of ConscienceThe Allure of Caprice. encaustic paintingEven the Sun Seems DifferentSolar EvaporationRoad CutRidge Fire, encaustic paintingRed Tide, encaustic paintingPalouse, encaustic paintingLast Stand, encaustic paintingHarvest Dream, encaustic paintingFlowers for Char, encaustic paintingCypress ConversationThe Collapse of ReasonThe Bloom of DepressionChinook SunsetBurning by the SeaBeyond the Purple SageAuroraAll You LeftA Day at the BeachYou & ISurfin' Safari GirlAmity DriftSense of PlacePoppies TooNocturneNight GardenGrow Your OwnForcing the BloomDaylily NocturneBloom Among the BramblesWaiting for PhoenixThe Tyranny of HorizonsTies That Bind/Out of the LoopThirst of the SoulGrass FireDon't Be KoiThe Aura of Memory

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