Purple Sky, encaustic paintingSun and Surf, encaustic paintingWaiting for the Sun, encaustic paintingSmall Sun, encaustic paintingGorge Sunset, encaustic paintingTwilight Twister, encaustic paintingEbb Tide, encaustic paintingI remember. There were trees. Encaustic painting.Morning Sky, encaustic paintingPurple Haze, encaustic paintingAlkali Lake, encaustic painting Red TideLost in the Palouse thumbBeyond the Purple SageA Day at Del ReyThe Allure of CapriceFlowers for CharThe TriumverateGolden Path, encaustic paintingTogether AloneSaddleback Ridge, encaustic paintingCascade Sunset, oil paintingNorth Bank, oil paintingRoaming the Palouse, oil paintingCypress, oil paintingAir Power, oil painting Burning by the Sea Chinook Sunset Cypress Road to Antelope, encaustic paintingPalouse Ridge Fire Road Cut  Heaven's Glow, encaustic paintingThe Rain Begins, encaustic paintingThe Erosion of ConscienceLast StandMidday Midnight, encaustic paintingA Day at the BeachDaylight Moon, encaustic paintingHarvest DreamAll You Left


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